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YouTube has been the keystone of my business. As of December 2022, I have over 600k subscribers, and my videos have had almost 70 million views. I’m not pretending to have had a long and successful career in the music industry. I’ve never been signed to a major or indie label, I’ve not played arenas, I’ve not had a hit record and I don’t have huge monthly listeners on Spotify.

But what I have done is find a way of using new media platforms to make a living from my music. I’ve built my audience completely from scratch, and my business without any outside funding. I have a reliable monthly income with a number of regular income streams, and am able to fund recording and releasing my own work, with no labels and no middlemen. It’s just me, my team and my true fans, directly helping me release music, exactly as I want it.

But in the years that I’ve been forging my own path, I’ve created a new blueprint for a successful career in the music industry. I’m going to share some of those lessons with you today.

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